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Graco DreamGlider Gliding Swing and Sleeper, Percy | 4moms mamaRoo 4 infant seat – grey classic

Baby Swing Comparison and Reviews

This post is for momma’s out there who are, like me, unsure of where to even start when it comes to buying a good swing for your baby! Wether you are a mom-to-be for the first time, or a veteran mom looking for a sleep swing for your little ones; this is a full review and comparison on the two swings we tried out!

This is also great for anyone needing to buy a baby gift for a loved one! I promise it will be the most favored gift of all! Having a good swing for that little bundle of joy is a necessity for mom’s! Most babies love to be held all the time, but let’s be honest…as much as we all love our babies and as much as they have stolen our hearts, they have also stolen our free time! Having the opportunity to take a quick shower, or enjoy a hot meal is a miracle!

Having the right swing can be just the answer to getting some of that free time back. Which is why I decided to review these first!
Graco DreamGlider

The Graco DreamGlider runs around $150 which is cheaper then the Momaroo. It has 6 speed and sound settings and it is a 2-in-1 swing sleeper that can be adjusted upright into a sit position. It does not come in more then one other color combo option and I see that as a con.

The positives of this swing is that it is great for babies that need to really be swung to sleep and it is great for actually sleeping in all night if needed. Also if your baby happens to have reflux issues like my little girl does it actually is great for sleeping because it rests at a very small angle helping gravity hold down baby’s meal! This swing also has a battery life and does not always need to be plugged into the wall. It can be moved from one room to the next if needed! It has 2 level vibration modes which I love, and plays music and nature sounds!

The biggest negative about this swing is that it really can swing!

I find that even on the second setting I am afraid I am whipping my little one around too much. It really has gusto and if you were to put it on the 6 speed setting I would be afraid of harming your baby. Their little brains are still developing and therefore aggressive swinging can be a turn off! Other negatives are that it is not the easiest to clean although the plush body support is removable.

It can be dangerous to older babies and toddlers as there are a lot of moving parts where little fingers and toes could get caught! And last but not least in comparison to the Momroo this swing is fairly large and takes up a good amount of space in a room. It is heavier and bulkier and not as easy to move around.

4moms Momaroo

This sleek swing has a super modern look to it, and it is just as modern in it’s technology as well! My husband picked this swing out after researching baby swings on the internet and fell in love with the look and design of the Momaroo.

This swing comes in 4 color combinations a light grey, black, and two design versions one silver and the other multi-color. It is priced a little higher then the Graco DreamGlider at around $200. Although I have found it for less then a hundred HERE!! Some of the big positives to this swing is how versatile it is! It mimics real human movement and offers a total of 25 different speed and movement combinations.

It comes with 4 built in sound options but you can also connect any Mp3 device to play any music you wish. The seat covers are easily removable and washable which I love, so it is easy to keep clean! It also does recline back and sits up right for playtime too. This swing is much lighter then the DreamGlider and is a lot easier to pick up and move from room to room. It also takes up much less space! Winning!

As wonderful as this swing sounds there are a few negatives that I have found.

One being that some of the swing options tend to be a bit “jerky-motion” and I do not like seeing my little ones head bounce from side to side. I think this is a great swing for babies that are a bit older. I would not recommend it for any baby under 1 month of age. This swing also will turn off after a certain amount of time. I have found this to be frustrating as it will wake my little one and disturb her sleep! Although from what I have timed, it does not turn off for several hours. I tend to leave it running even when I am not using it! Oops!

So there you have it! Although it is obvious which swing we prefer, we do use both for different reasons. The DreamGlider is great for the middle of the night and often becomes a second bassinet for our daughter to sleep in during the wee morning hours!

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